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Marcel Schmelzer sniffs into the team training - team training

For more than a year, Marcel Schmelzer had to wait at this moment: On Thursday, the left-back of the BVB, which has been active in black and yellow as a player since 2005, for the first time after his heavy knee injury with his colleagues to the crew of the training on the Field. The 33-year-old then completed the first part of the unit with the team before he continued his personal construction program away from the large training group.

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Schmelzer had not been adopted by the club despite an originally expiring contract after the season 2020/21. Instead, the former captain was bound beyond the summer to Borussia to continue his rehab in the usual environment. With success: In the past few weeks he always worked closer to the re-entry into the team training. Finally, on Thursday it was at least in small parts so far after he had worked purely individually with the ball in the days before in Switzerland.

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Watzke: "Gap to the Bayern has remained the same"

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Schmelzer wants to continue

His professional career does not want to end melter. If an interesting offer from abroad for him, the BVB would not put a stone in the way. After completing his career, the former national player should then be involved in the youth area of ​​the black and yellow.

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